Posticum is waiting for volunteers, who want to support the association with their work. The volunteers can take part in carrying out our projects, as well as, they can start their own projects. The volunteers, during their stay, are the guests of Posticum.

Further information:

Tuesday - Saturday
8 am - 8 pm
Tel: +40/259 431 398
Tel: +40/259 418 428
E-mail: kim@posticum.ro
Tekla Bóta - secretary

Daniel Dorsch, Bamberg

Due to the decade-long cooperation between "Ady Endre" High School Oradea/Nagyvárad and high schools from Bamberg, Germany as well with Helmuth Dütsch's help, (who was a Bambergian high school teacher and member of the association) Daniel Dorsch chose Posticum as the location of his civil service. The year-long service started in October 2002. Before starting his civil service, Daniel had been learning Hungarian for a month, in Debrecen, Hungary. So he could communicate easily with the staff of Posticum as soon as he arrived here.

Daniel's tasks were:

- teaching German to the young people who take part in the Don Bosco project and to the staff of Posticum.
- organizing programs for those young people who are interested in the German language and culture
- checking the German translations of the letters written by the office members.

Daniel was the leader of a group of 8 young people, who took part in the "International Don Bosco Meeting" in 2003, Austria.

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