The guestbook is open for everyone who have spent a little time in Posticum, and were touched by the spirit of the house. Their opinion is the recompense for our work. Below you can find some quotations taken from the guestbook.

You may send us your thoughts about Posticum as well electronically to

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Ex hospitialitate Reverendi Patris Emerici hic habatantes admiramus hanc casam et hoc institutum munificentissimam. Miraculum fecitis Pater! Quadro hodie in ecclesia capuccinorum missam celebramus iubilarem, gratias imas agemus pro hac domo et pro caelesti auxilio quo hoc miraculum patrare potuistis.

Omni qua par est reverentia.

Pacsay János-Fidél
Capuchin prior, Budapest


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