The objectives of the programs in Posticum

Cultural Programs:

- Preserving and promoting local and diocesan cultural and spiritual values
- Supporting artists and artistic programmes
- Promoting local cultural events
- Possibilities of manifestation for groups of different interests

Educational programs:

- Developing supplies which assure possibilities for self-training in the areas which are not suitably furnished on local level, for example the flow of information and application of modern technologies

Programs on National and International Level:

- Keeping in touch with organisations, which promote the accomplishment of cultural and educational programmes.
- Searching and presenting possibilities which could be useful for the young people of the Diocese and for civil organisations.
- Mediating training courses.

Humanitarian Programs:

- Providing home to socially disadvantaged young people who want to re-integrate into society;
- Providing professional instruction and possibility of practice to these young people;
- Supporting local artistst living in scarcity;
- Offering scholarship to talented pupils and students.

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