The structure of the association

The association consists of 22 members, either ecclesiastic or laic people. The main decision-making power of the association is the general assembly of its members. The general assembly takes place once a year.

The decisions taken has to be fulfilled by the advisory board, formed of three members.

The association is the unique share-holder of the Posticum Ltd., brought to life in order to maintain financially all the activities of the association - the Posticum centre, its projects, and its cultural services. Another material sources: individual sponsors, competitions.

The material situation of the association is supervised by an independent accountant.

Members of the association:

1. Tempfli József, Bishop of the Latin-Rite Dicese of Oradea
2. Bakó István, pedagogue
3. Fekete Sándor Szilárd, engineer
4. Fleig, Norbert, high-school principal, monk
Illertissen, Germany
5. Gritsh, Karl, high-school teacher
Illertissen, Germany
6. Güthlein, Lothar, priest
Memmelsdorf, Germany
7. György Ferenc, priest
Turda/Torda, Romania
8. Loibl, Lydia, housekeeper
Rinchnach, Germany
9. Pál István, priest
10. Pálos István, priest
11. Rácz László, priest
12. Rencsik Imre, priest
Oradea/Nagyvárad; Oberriet,Rüthi,Kobelwald, Switzerland
13. Rencsik István, Phd., priest, canonic lawyer

Oradea/Nagyvárad; Budapest

14. Rencsik Stella, housekeeper
15. Rencsik Tibor, entrepreneur
16. Sághy, Aloysius, priest, monk
17. Schiermayer, Johann
Rinchnach, Germany
18. Simon István, priest
19. Szász Attila, entrepreneur
20. Szeles Tibor, priest
Lauf, Germany
21. Tankó Veronika Zita, teacher
22. Zsugán-Gedeon Gyula, PhD-student

Members of the advisory board:

Sághy, Aloysius, president
Rencsik Imre
Zsugán-Gedeon Gyula, secretary

Former members of the association:

Dütsch, Helmut - Bamberg, Germany
founder and director of the Aktion Brückenschlag, an organization to help Oradea/Nagyvárad
(1942 - 2002)

Pacsay János-Fidél - Oradea/Nagyvárad, Budapest
Capuchin monk, priest, and prior
(1926 - 2003)

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