The Posticum Company

Mainly foreign sponsors financed the building of Posticum center and the launching of its programs. However, since the inauguration these sums have continuously decreased. The money won on competitions and the donations can spare only a small percent of our expenses. To assure the continuous and safe running of the organization we must have our own financial sources. Therefore we laid the foundation of the Posticum Company. This company has a various field of activity: on the one hand it is a productive company on the other hand it does services. The income of the company finances the expenses of the building, the salary of staff and the running of the programs. The head office of the company is in Posticum. A part of our services are available in Posticum (accommodation and room rent). The rest of the activities are located in the town Oradea/Nagyvárad or in its neighborhood.

Through the fees our business partners support the cultural and charitable programs of Posticum center.

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